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Results of KE funded projects by theme

Work and Learning

Project Name: Professional Development Model Exchange Network
Contact: Alex Hickey Tel: 709.726.3223 ex 256/ 709.726.5045
Organization: Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association
Date: May 2008
Theme(s): Structured Learning, Adult Learning, Work and Learning
CCL Funding: $35,000

Project Abstract »

This project was designed to enable the exchange of information about innovative and successful professional development practices for teachers in the K-12 system in Newfoundland and Labrador. Members of the network were provided with information on proven successful professional development models implemented in jurisdictions across Canada. The project included face-to-face as well as technology-mediated dialogues to support the exchange of knowledge and experience. Key outcomes of the project included: a website ( to support ongoing collaboration and knowledge exchange between network members; establishment of a network of education institutions and organizations focussed on the professional development of teachers; and better informed policy-makers, administrators, and professional development officers.

Project Name:
Enhancing Literacy Learning in Labour Organizations
Contact: Cindy Wiggins Tel: 613.521.3400 ext 440
Organization: Canadian Labour Congress
Date: May 2008
Theme(s): Work and Learning, Literacy
CCL Funding: $49,000

Project Abstract »

This project was designed to integrate literacy awareness and development into the everyday activities of the unions affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress's (CLC). The CLC's intent was to encourage members with weaker literacy skills to become involved in union activities and thereby benefit from the learning and literacy development opportunities that such activities can provide. The project resulted in the development of a process and training materials that the CLC membership can use to integrate literacy development and clear language in their operations. More information about the project is available at:

Project Name:
Connecting the PLAR Community with Career Development Practitioners and Human Resource Development Practitioners through Innovative Knowledge Exchange and E-Learning
Contact: Bonnie Kennedy Tel: 613.860.1747
Organization: Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment
Date: June 2007
Theme(s): Work and Learning, E-learning
CCL Funding: $50,000

Project Abstract »

This initiative was designed to establish a structured and ongoing communication process to stimulate knowledge exchange between career development practitioners, human resource professionals, and prior learning assessment and review (PLAR) practitioners. Focus groups were conducted to gather information on shared needs and priorities for the project. E-leaning technologies including web-based meeting, live and archived webcasts and online discussion forums were used to deliver information sessions on topics of interest. Key results of this project included the establishment of a new knowledge exchange network for human resource, career development, and PLAR practitioners. The section on ‘Communities of Interest’ on the website and a contact list of interested individuals and organizations were developed to support ongoing communication. Results from the application of new e-learning technologies were very positive. A basis for ongoing work involving the three professional groups was established.

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