CCL supports a wide variety of activities to foster evidence-based research on learning, build Canada’s capacity for research on learning, and encourage the use of research on learning to make informed decisions about learning policies and programs. This page contains some quick links to a variety of information for Canadian researchers in the field of learning.

    The effectiveness of work-experience programs in Canadian high schoolsThe Impact of Experiential Learning Programs on Student Success

    Experiential learning complements students’ academic learning and provides youth with experiences and knowledge that maximize their growth and development while meeting their needs for career exploration.

    CCL was contracted by the Ontario Ministry of Education to undertake a systematic rapid evidence assessment (SREA) of the research literature devoted to examining the effects of experiential learning (EL) programs on student success.

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    Commissioned Reports

    CCL produces and publishes reports on different aspects of learning for partner organizations and commissions other organizations to produce reports. View reports:

    State-of-the-Field ReviewsCCL's State-of-the-Field Reviews focus on key learning issues: Early Childhood Learning; Elementary and Secondary School Learning; Post-secondary Learning; Adult Learning; Work and Learning; and Health and Learning.

    Question ScansQuestion Scans is a periodic publication that gauges—and summarizes—the volume of literature on topics relating to learning that exist in the field.

    Systematic ReviewA Systematic Review is an approach to gathering, analyzing and synthesizing a body of research on a given topic. As systematic reviews are typically collaborative in nature, the CCL research team works in conjunction with professions, experts and practitioners in the field to ensure all key resources are accessed.

    Journal of Applied Research on Learning

    JARLThe Journal of Applied Research on Learning (JARL) is a research publication that addresses specific, practical problems affecting learning in Canada and applied research of significance to learning in Canada.

    Lessons in Learning

    Lessons in Learning Lessons in Learning is published to provide Canadians with independent information about 'what works' in learning.

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