Major steps to become a casino manager

The top steps to become a casino manager

You love the razzmatazz, the high octane, and the charged environment. You want to dress up every day (or night) and be a part of it. If that is you, a job at the casino might be the right one for you. That’s why the leading Canadian CasinoValley online casino experts have prepared this article where you can find out the how’s and why’s of it.

Gaming, or the casino business, has grown by 127% since 1995 and has become Canada’s biggest entertainment industry. Today it stands at $15 billion.

And a huge industry has huge manpower needs. Unlike most other industries, though, a casino job may not need any specific kind of experience.

Main things you need to make it big as a casino manager

1. Honesty

The most valued qualities, however, are trustworthiness and taking the initiative. Casinos look for people who are friendly, outgoing, well-groomed, dependable, and capable of multi-tasking.

2. Your ability to communicate

Brilliant customer service skills are a must. People who can manage the continuous flow of money, can carefully, but quickly, count and record it, are highly-prized.

3. Specific skills

Other positions are food and beverage service personnel, slot change attendants, and security officers. However, you don’t need to be concerned with them if you want to be a casino manager.

Should you be worried as a beginner?

Lack of experience in this industry need not become a hindrance if you can apply your learning from your antecedent jobs in a good way. ‘Transferable skills’ are what hiring managers look for.

How do you start?

Starting at the very bottom, if you are gunning for the Casino Manager’s position, it could take you about a decade to reach there.

The general hierarchy of a casino goes like this: dealer, pit boss, floor supervisor and assistant shift manager, supervisor, shift manager, and casino manager at last.

A casino manager’s primary responsibility is to ensure that government regulations are not violated while playing the games.

That said, casino managers have enough authority to alter game rules as they deem fit to give the house an added advantage. They also need to oversee all the personnel on the casino, as well as handle customer issues. The principal responsibility is still to keep an eye on the money while ensuring that the guests are having fun.

Important points to note

The job is definitely not without its share of the stress. But being a round-the-clock industry, you can (most of the time) adjust your work hours according to your availability. It’s great if you have small children at home, or if you are taking some courses.

You need to remember that not everything will always go as planned just like any other job. The chances of friction turning into a fistfight and the situation getting completely out of hand are very high here.

Some people are making money, but most people are losing it (pun intended), and loads of it. So emotions are running very high. You need to keep yours in check while maintaining your calm and composure – and that disarming smile.